Ink Stains
Basically I write sad poetry and listen to good music.
Send me a secret and I'll write you a poem. If you think your secret might be triggering to me or someone else, please tell me before sending!! I am a simple, sad teenager and absolutely not invincible. My ask is always open if you want to talk.

Some posts deal with content that is triggering.

You can submit private poems at
I track the tag #thesoulpages
I currently have 30 secrets backlogged, so I apologize for the delay.
I'd rather give you all my love and let you live.
~ Anonymous

is this a submission or particular to my current situation because I can barely see my screen and I can’t think straight so if this is a secret I apologize just message me and tell me and then i’ll know but right now i can’t breathe in this skin

Please don't die I love you
~ Anonymous

I’m not worth your love

I want to die

"I just want to die but that’s a break I can’t take so I guess I’m stuck in perpetual heartache."


My anxiety is getting bad but my parents won’t let me take medication because they think I’d overdose on purpose. To be fair, I probably would.

thesoulpages // (c.n.p) (a poem I accidentally wrote)

I don’t want us to get back together as the same people as we are right now. I want us to be different people.

So I sent you an anon secret already and you haven't responded but THATS TOTALLY FINE! I just want to check in with you to see if you're okay. It's okay if you're not. I really hope you do feel better soon. I'm keeping you in my prayers.
~ Anonymous

Thank you, Love. I’m going through secrets now so hopefully I’ll get to yours soon! Thanks for being so kind and patient because yeah I’m really NOT okay but whatever man that’s becoming a norm again which sucks but oh well can’t be happy anyway

"It took three days to go from ‘I love you’ to
‘I can’t do this’
and somehow your four words made my insides
disintegrate and I think it’s total
shit that you were the only person I wanted to talk
to but you were the one who broke me
this time."


He doesn’t want me but he can’t just leave me like this? He just broke me and left. And oh god how I need him to glue me back together.

thesoulpages // (c.n.p(because of the text he sent me last night)

Take your time sweetheart, just because we might trust you with our secrets by no means feel like you have to publish immediately, if at all. It's your life, your time, and your well being is worth more than problems we fling at you. Also your poetry is absolutely beautiful and I'm a big fan :) Chin up sweetie xx
~ Anonymous

Thank you honeybunch. And you aren’t flinging them at me, I volunteered. I got myself into this. It just takes me a while to get to everyone :(

my life is kinda really painful right now so poetry isn’t exactly a top priority. But i do think about you guys all day long cuz i feel like im letting you down

I love your writing. It's beautiful. And somehow, I can relate to some of it and it makes me cry. Keep writing!
~ Anonymous

Ha, thank you baby

I care. And I love you. And u check up on your blog every single day. Because I want to make sure your okay and that your still writing. Please stay strong.
~ Anonymous

I don’t know if that’s even possible anymore. 

My boyfriend of a long time just broke up with me. He’s done it three times before but he’s always come back. This time he isn’t and I feel so broken and lost.

I’ve never read something that broke my heart the way that text just did. I shouldn’t feel this way.

"But you don’t get it; I am not okay.
I will never be okay.
And I can never tell you that,
no matter how many times I’ve fantasized about death


When I finally get to be alone, I am digging nails into my skin, hating myself. I can feel the darkness becoming a bigger part of me.

thesoulpages || (c.n.p)

i am eighteen,and i am still scared. You are not alone darling. I love you.
~ Anonymous

I love you too, my dear. 

Maybe we’ll always be scared. Maybe our fear will keep us human. 

Your writing is beautiful as are you. You can tell just from your blog and your poems that you truly have an amazing mind. Take time if you need time. Write when you want to. Not because you have to.
~ Anonymous

wow what nice compliments this is so kind
You are such a wonderful anon thank you. 

Tbh I have like four poems written but I just haven’t had the time between band and visits with my mom and anxiety and therapy and my grandmother currently going blind and family flying into town (TO THE RUDE FUCKING ANONS I’VE BEEN GETTING YEAH THAT’S RIGHT MY 83 YEAR OLD GRANDMOTHER WITH A HEART CONDITION AND STROKE DISORDER IS NOW GOING BLIND SO FUCK OFF I’M TRYING TO SPEND TIME WITH MY FAMILY) to type them up and queue them. 

I’ve said before, I take a lot of pride in the fact of how much you guys trust me with your deepest, darkest secrets and in turn, I trust you with mine. But just because something is beautiful or inspiring, doesn’t mean I can magically transform it in ten seconds. Poetry takes time. It takes dealing with emotions. And I’m not good at that.

This isn’t my job, it’s a hobby…And I’m not going to let mean anons turn my passion into work. 

So again, oh so kind anon, thank you. You are exactly the kind of follower I love to have <3