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Basically I write sad poetry and listen to good music.
Send me a secret and I'll write you a poem. If you think your secret might be triggering to me or someone else, please tell me before sending!! I am a simple, sad teenager and absolutely not invincible. My ask is always open if you want to talk.

Some posts deal with content that is triggering.

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I hope you are ok darling! <3
~ Anonymous

I’m kind of a mess actually but thank you dear <3

Where do you live ?

East Coast of the united states.

Please please please tell us your first kiss story!!
~ Anonymous

Okay so I’m only going to tell you the story bc the backstory part will make you hate him but this is actually all really cute so

Ok so we were in the car and we got into my neighborhood and we still had 20 minutes before i had to be home so he just took his foot off the pedal and was like “we’re gonna cruise. It’ll conserve gas ;)”  and he kept giving me these really romantic cute looks and I had to be home by 10 and it was like 9:50 and we had ridden around the subdivision for a while and we were about to turn onto my street but we were talking and he joked and was like “gosh Ciara I h8 u” and I said “ya I know” and he was like “nah, i luv u” and so I said “nah man u h8 me I kno u do” and he asked why and I said “bc I’m a bitch” and he goes “yah but honestly I love that ur u yaknow ur who u are and I can’t compare u to anyone else and ur so special and I appreciate u so much and I think that’s why I’m so attracted to u. Plus ur pretty hot too” and then something else happened and he goes “I just don’t know what to do I’ve never been in a situation like this before I’m just a teenager” and I asked what situation and he goes “ur in my car. We’re alone and I have you in my car and what do I do how often does that happen” and I told him it happened Saturday and he goes “yeah. Once.” And we pulled up to my house and I opened the door and kinda sat for a minute and then he goes “hey, c’mere”so i leaned over and he goes “come here!” And I was like “omg wat wut r u doing” and he goes “what else am i gonna do ;)” and I looked at him for a second and I was like “no” and he goes “hey, come on!” And I was like “no we’re in my front yard” and he goes “fine I’ll wait ;)” and i said “i don’t think u can” and he goes “oh, really? I can definitely wait” and I was giving him flirty eyes and I went “oh yeah? But for how long? ;)” and he goes “I WILL GET OUT OF THIS CAR” and I told him i didn’t think he would so I closed the door and started walking away and I heard steps and I turned around and he was running around the front of his car and I grinned and he came up and grabbed me and pulled me into him and I knew he was gonna kiss me so I leaned to the left like for a hug and put my face in his neck and he just went “hey. No.” And grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head out of his shoulder ((it was really hot i can’t deal??)) and then kissed me and it was really intense and real and then he like pulled me closer into him and pushed his hips into mine and wow I need to stOp
Yeah basically I was like lost idk like I knew I was there but It felt like I was outside of my body somehow??
And there’s part of it that I don’t remember like the first part of the kissing thing idk
We started one place and then it goes fuzzy and then I remember opening my eyes bc he pulled away and we were like three steps away and then he actually kissed me again and then I felt him like I knew he was there and my toes were tingling and I felt the contours of his back and he pulled me so close into him and it lasted like 10 or 15 seconds and his tongue is rlly nice and he tasted kind of sweet and yeah i need to chill
"I still can’t delete our texts."

-Six Word Story - thesoulpages ((c.n.p))
"I will throw up until I can’t taste you anymore."

-Ten Word Story - thesoulpages ((c.n.p))









Spread this. Share this. Do this. Yes.

Reblogging because…..yes. Do this.

Not what I usually reblog but holy chaos that’s smart

My parents made sure me and my sister had a passwords for this exact reason. I even still remember the password… 

there’s also something you can create called an ‘emergency phrase.’ something that seems completely innocent but it means ‘help me, I am somewhere unsafe and can’t talk.’

Common phrases can be like ‘so how is uncle [name that no one in your family has]’ or ‘did you remember to feed the [pet you don’t have]?’

My family has an emergency phrase using our old dog’s name.

Storing this in the memory bank for when I have kids.

We did this as kids. I definitely still remember the password. To sign us out in elementary school you usually had to tell the password to the office workers before they would even call us down. So freaking smart!

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how do you tell your mother that you gave a boy who wants your body and nothing else that she already disapproves of your first kiss and u really liked it i’m having problems wow 

hello tumblr i just wanted to inform you all that i had my first kiss about 22 hours ago and it was fuckin gREAT

Hello love! I hope you're doing okay, please stay strong! We all love you 💕
~ Anonymous

Aw, thank you lovely anon :) 

I have a band competition today, so sorry I’ve been so distant! It’ll all be over and back to normal soon!


I just stepped out of a shower so hot, it hurt to wrap myself in a towel, but it was nice, you know, since I couldn’t wrap myself in his arms.

I brushed my teeth twice tonight to rid myself of the taste he left in my mouth, but it didn’t work because I don’t think they make toothpaste that can replace the taste of joy.

He brought me happiness and he brought me sorrow. Today, the pain finally overwhelmed the goodness I saw in his eyes when he looked in mine, so please, tell me how to escape a boy I could never hate.


-I can’t handle him anymore. I’m done. ((c.n.p)) thesoulpages
"No no no, Darling, you don’t understand.
When I say I can’t breathe I don’t mean I need my inhaler,
unless it is something that can put a soul back into these
empty bones because my God, I am disappearing
into a black background and no one can see that I don’t
exist anymore.
People are pulling this corpse in a million different directions and
it’s just a matter of time before I turn to dust in their
fingers but they will still pull because
they can’t imagine me as anything but perfect
Even when I’ve sliced my soul into pieces to give the ones I
love, they give me nothing in return.
There is a pit in my stomach and I am dying in front of your
eyes but it seems as if these people around me don’t even

-hi i am the poet c.n.p and these are the things i write when i really want to kill myself
Hello lovely! Just wanted to wish you a good day and in case you don't get this often enough, thank you for sharing your amazing talent for writing with us. Also I hope band is going well for you <3
~ Anonymous

aw, thanks! And it is! We have our first competition next weekend and we’re playing our first FULL show in front of a crowd tonight! I’m so excited!

I fucking love your writing! Stay strong beautiful! I love you. Have a nice day ❤
~ Anonymous

Aw thank you bby i love you more

Im very happy for you note record! What was the post that broke it?
~ Anonymous


and it’s this one :)

Hello beautiful! I just wanted to say good luck on the poetry competition. I know you'll win. I hope you're doing well! (:
~ Anonymous

Thanks!! I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’ll let you know when/if I do!