Ink Stains
Basically I write sad poetry and listen to good music.
Send me a secret and I'll write you a poem. If you think your secret might be triggering to me or someone else, please tell me before sending!! I am a simple, sad teenager and absolutely not invincible. My ask is always open if you want to talk.

Some posts deal with content that is triggering.

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I currently have 30 secrets backlogged, so I apologize for the delay.

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You haven't been posting anything for the past few days. Is everything alright?
~ Anonymous

Hi yes I am kind of okay and finally don’t have band all day. I have a few hours in the morning to write now so hopefully it’ll pick back up again. 

Oh, and thank you <3

I don’t want him to kiss me because it’s the thing to do when you have a girlfriend, I want him to kiss me because he wants to. I want him to want me.

"Sometimes you make me forget how sad I really am."


I don’t want my heart and mind to lie to me. I hope they’re telling the truth, because I love him more than anything and in every moment I have, even the loneliest ones, I need him.

Ten Word Story || thesoulpages (c.n.p)

No one understands how incomplete I feel without him every single day, even though I’m doing okay. There’s a hole inside me and I’ve been trying to get rid of it but it just stays.

I’ve been struggling with anorexia nervosa for 6 years and I’m only 17. I can’t seem to let go, and I don’t know why. Recovery is so hard.


I will love you when the lightning strikes and you feel the thunder rumbling your ribcage,
when everything around you has been turned to dust that slides through your fingers as if it were falling through the holes he left in your fragile paper heart.

I will love you when everything has gone dark and you’re still crying
and you’ve consumed more than 600 calories and you’re so convinced you’re too horrid to love, that you won’t even let me hold you in the light.

I will love you when you call me at 4am, sobbing too hard to even say hello,
when the sky is falling and no one can see,
when the world is shaking and you feel like a dead tree,
bent to the point of breaking and the strength in your core run dry,
when you feel as if your heart is a black hole, just because he said hi.

I will love you when you fall asleep on the phone because your body is just trying to survive,
when your hands are black and blue from building brick walls around your heart and then punching them so hard that your fists bleed into your porcelain sink,
and when you hurt so much that death is all you can think
so you yell at God for making you this way and ask him to just take all the pain away,
and I will yell too, if that’s what will please you.

I will love you when you can’t see anymore ‘cuz you’ve been blinded by starlight,
and on the nights when everything is black and your heart feels as heavy as a forgotten rucksack.

I will love you in the dark and in the light,
on the hardest days and the happiest nights,
I will love you and I promise that love will never run dry,
not until the day I die.


-I will love you(a poem for an angel - I love you Tay|| thesoulpages (c.n.p)

Okay guys, so my best friend linked me to this thing earlier and basically, it’s a national poetry competition. The winner receives some pretty cool stuff, including $250 and publication of their poetry collection. I’m torn on whether or not to do it…My family thinks I should (but they haven’t ever read my poetry) and so do my friends, but I thought I would ask all of you!! 

(also, you can read more about the contest or even enter yourself here. Happy blogging!!)

So what do you guys think?

Sometimes I wonder when the better days are gonna come around.

Hello friend, are you having a bad night?

I love my boyfriend so much but I can feel him falling out of love with me. He won’t talk to me and my anxiety gets worse because of it.

How do I get you to reblog my poems?
~ Anonymous

This is gonna sound super selfish and egotistical, but I only reblog if it is artwork done for me/inspired by one of my poems, or a poem written for/about me. But if you want me to just see something, tag it with #thesoulpages, as I track that tag.

I do reblog from my personal account though!! You can find a link on the page titled ‘the poet’

How many secrets do you have to write poems for? I don't mean to rush you I'm just curious
~ Anonymous

I have 31 secrets backlogged. 

I’m super sad and stressed and trying my ass off to write y’all’s poems but dammit I feel like my words aren’t good enough for you so I haven’t been writing and ugh I start band in five days (nine hours a day yippee) and school in two weeks wow I suck at everything sorry guys I promise I love you

Hi! I was wondering, do you ever get a secret and just instantly relate it to a feeling or event in your life? I love your work by the way you're one of my favorite poets on Tumblr
~ Anonymous

I do!! Sometimes I get these secrets and there’s just a section that hits me and is like ‘you can write a really wonderful poem from this’ but then I freak out cuz I don’t think I can do y’all’s feelings justice.

Man I don’t know the secret series is hArD


I just really detest my existence